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 This business in customs, aviation and other departments have the priority rights,We provide high quality service for our customers to send urgent letters, documents, international and domestic financial instruments, product samples and other kinds of documents and articles.
   Our company capitalize on a wide range of international agent network and channels, for students, foreign teachers, foreign enterprises in China, immigrants and people working abroad to provide professional international transportation service solutions.
Our company collaborates with many international famous express companies, as the first class agent with ultra-low discount and proxy services. To ensure fast aging, stable route, parcel safety. Direct contact with international express company in case there is any loss and damage to follow up with them in time, and deal with claim efficiently.
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Tax returns & Customs clearance
Tax farming
Clearance refers to customs clearance, double clearance "is also refers to the export country customs clearance (customs declaration) and the destination country customs clearance of a series of service processes.Customers only need to hand over the goods to us, we are responsible for arranging the trailer, customs clearance, car matching. After the goods arrive at the destination, we will change the documents and clear the customs. You can also choose Shuangqing to the door service, we will provide door-to-door delivery service.
"Tax returns" refers customs duties and taxes at the time of customs clearance in the destination country.
We use a wide range of international agency channels, for students, foreign teachers, foreign enterprises in China, overseas workers and immigrants to provide professional international transportation service solutions.
Shipping Transportation
Air Transportation
                        Rail Transportation
Our business provide customers with international shipping services, by charter, or bulk consolidation of the delivery of customers' goods to designated locations. General marine transport cycle is longer, suitable for import and export trade, private goods transport.
Our business provide customers with international air transportation services. Through major airlines, the customers goods are delivered to the destination country airport, then headed to the customers' destination. This process we called air transportation +delivery. The transportation mode is relatively. it is the aircraft to fly directly generally, suits the added value higher cargo transportation, the time has the guarantee.
Rail transportation include domestic rail transportation and China-Europe rail transportation,China- Europe rail transportation refers to the railway transpport from China to the whole of the Europe. It is an express freight train from China to Europe  providing railway import and export logistics services for international trade customers.
Transport mode is relatively safe, under normal circumstances 12 days -15 days can reach the destination.
Cloud warehouse can deliver goods from China to foreign countries on behalf、and collect all kinds of treasures of Taobao e-commerce, collect article of overseas students, collect bulk goods of suppliers and store、store things in short-term storage, including air, sea and land transportation.
01. Free discount package transportation, It doesn't let you pay for excess weight; 02. Free warehousing for half a year Let you have enough time to buy all; 03. Free collection, Take the initiative to remind customers when goods arrive; 4. Free acceptance and inspection of goods Whether there is significant damage, damage, etc.; 05. Free photo confirmation service, Record the whole process of unpacking and packing, inventory and inspection.
01. Upon receipt of the goods,
Verify package information with customer;

02. Single package for adhesive tape reinforcement,
Multiple packages are packed according to the requirements of the hotel;

03. Inform the hotel after packing
Final weight and freight;
Free storage for half a year.
Medium speed Medium speed: that is, China express international logistics, many countries and regions that EMS can not reach are within the coverage of medium speed. The advantage of medium speed is that the price is close to the people, divided into economic type, fast type. 15N is suitable for small packages and customers have time requirements. 48N is used for large cargo and for customers who are not in a hurry. It takes about 4 working days for 15N to arrive, and 7 days for 48N under normal circumstances. Medium speed can be more than one ticket, the price of heavy goods is lower. [The price of mass goods above 20kg].
E mail treasure
E-Youbao: It is an economic international express service launched by Courier logistics to meet the needs of cross-border e-commerce for the delivery of light and small pieces of goods. It uses postal channels to clear customs and delivers light and small pieces of goods through cooperative postal network.

Single weight limit of 2 kg, the main line reference time is 7-10 working days, the price is affordable. Find snail international logistics delivery, simple and convenient procedures.
Bulk shipping
Sea parcel is also called postal parcel, air parcel or international land and sea parcel, which is suitable for international parcel transport service which is not very urgent.
Time of shipment for large packages by sea: the reference delivery time is 30~40 days, the specific time depends on the speed of express transportation and customs clearance in different countries. Choose our snail logistics , every process is under control .
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