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what's your method of transport ?
What is the calculation method of international freight?
I do not know the weight of my goods, will you weigh them? Can you come to pick up the goods and pack them?
Can I send food to the United States? How to operate the specific process in Beijing?
Do I have to pay duty when the goods arrive abroad?
Can I pick up the goods in Hong Kong? There are some alcohol disinfection items in my belongings. Can I send them ?
In view of the recent customer online consultation questions, we have made a summary, hope it helps you out.
Snail international logistics according to the specific requirements of customers of different categories of goods, can provide motor transport, railway, sea, air transport, multimodal transport and other options of transport services. At the same time, when customers do not know how to choose, our professional customer service personnel will be based on the different categories of goods, the relevant specifications and sizes of customers and their own needs of multi-dimensional combination, to provide appropriate, reasonable and affordable transportation plan。
International uniform volume weight refers to the calculation of charge weight, volume weight will be calculated according to the volume. When the actual weight of the goods to be delivered is small but the volume is large, the freight shall be charged according to the volume standard. The volume formula is as follows: regular articles: length (cm)× width (cm)× height (cm)÷5000=A; If the actual weight of the goods is B, the larger weight of A and B will be taken as the billing weight. Therefore, it is suggested that you pack reasonably and reduce the volume before shipment to save money.
Yes, you can. Door - to - door delivery and packaging snails can be full service according to your requirements. My company packaging master has many years of professional packaging experience, on the basis of ensuring safe and strong packaging, reduce the packaging volume of your transport goods, so as to achieve the purpose of economic transportation. If you still have doubts, the customer service staff with you will also provide you with relevant photos or videos for reference.
Of course, many customers to foreign or "miss" national local food, there is the taste of home. It is absolutely easy for you to send food abroad from our snail. You only need to buy good things, we pick up and deliver to the door, the whole one-stop service. You only need to send us your pick-up and delivery address information (specific countries or goods need to provide relevant materials, specific contact with customer service), you can also bring the carton packaging, we will arrange everything.
Hello, the goods to the destination country will through customs, if the goods are worth more than different destination countries duty-free limits, may be tariffs, before shipment, please put the possible customs cost into consideration, if be informed will be the consignee's obligation to pay, goods tariffs and customs code type volume value material factors, such as specific provisions refer to the destination country customs notice, Our company will be based on years of experience in delivery, to give customers some advice, try to help customers to avoid or reduce reasonable.
Yes, we can pick up goods at home all over the country. And Hong Kong local people can directly pick up the goods into the warehouse, packaging reinforcement and other services, you only need to provide the address of picking up the goods, our teacher will arrange the operation with you. And we have liquid chemical channels, flammable and explosive special line for your service, to solve your transportation difficulties. You don't have to worry about that. Before delivery, customer service will confirm all problems with you to ensure the safe delivery of goods on time.
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