Chapter One. Brand Introduction
Who are we?
We are:Snail international logistic Co., Ltd
We are 80/90s,we are professional and ambitious young people who do logistics services;
We wholeheartedly to provide customers with safe, fast, cost-effective transport services;
We pursue the ultimate customer experience, let customers feel comfortable is our prime mover;
We accompany customers, spread love and happiness through transportation, transfer positive energy, for customers to develop exclusive transportation plan。
Growth & Development
In 2019, the establishment of snail logistics;
From a little knowledge of the industry, to now a professional service team with over 100 people, integrity is the purpose of our development, we focus on quality service, refused to vicious low-price competition;
In the past ten years, we have delivered an excellent report with our own efforts.
There is still a long way to go in the future. We will do more for our customers and better deliver simple and convenient happiness in life.
The "God" culture
"God" is not just a slogan, it represents our core values - "customer as God".
In Snail, God is our honorable name for customers, and we are also the servants of God, accompanying God, spreading love and happiness.

Chapter Two. Brand feature
Build a new model of Internet logistics
To be a platform to continuously create new value for customers, employees and partners;
Become a transparent, simple and professional company;
To be a family where our employees feel safe and happy.

Chapter Three. Mission of the our Snail logistic
Chapter Four. The values of Snail logistics
To be loyal to faith, to be innovative
Be persistent, share and collaborate.

Snail international logistics is a diversified development of the company, in more than ten years of work mileage, we have learned a lot of knowledge,
A stable economic development foundation, but also made a lot of like-minded people with lofty ideals.
At present, our cooperation projects cover logistics, advertising, industrial design, medical care, measurement and control technology, international trade and other businesses.
The rise of China and the arrival of the sharing economy have made us more eager for new breakthroughs and a bigger stage.
Now for the national recruitment of partners, whether you have a project or have funds, or have the energy, we can discuss together, sharing win-win, common development!

Chapter Five. Recruiting partners
We are new to the industry, but also a school for young people;
We are willing to listen, even if 1% of the voice, also will give you 99% support and 100% learning opportunities;
We want to trust our young people and aim to cultivate our young people to become industry elites;
Here, you will be able to grow up, face life with more enthusiasm and courage, and create a better future.

Chapter Six. 加入我們
Contact number:400-006-5156(7×24 hours manual online) E-mail

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